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  • Wöllsteins Desserhaus Munich
  • Wöllsteins Desserhaus Munich
  • Wöllsteins Desserhaus Munich
  • Wöllsteins Desserhaus Munich
  • Wöllsteins Desserhaus Munich
  • Wöllsteins Desserhaus Munich
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Courses for hobby confectioners / hobby pastry chefs / hobby chocolatiers

As Executive Pastry Chef in the best hotels in the world, Beate delighted numerous royals, sheikhs, top politicians, Hollywood stars and music legends with her sweet creations. In her exclusive baking and dessert courses, she passes on her professional knowledge, tips and tricks from over 30 years to ambitious hobby confectioners and pastry chefs. 
You too can be part of Beate's wonderful world of baking!

Monthly overview - course calendar

Here is a complete chronological overview of all current baking and dessert courses. From macarons to decorating cakes, original British afternoon tea, praline courses, fine tarts from the confectionery, international and French patisserie and much more.
Book your desired course directly via the monthly overview / course calendar or select your course by topic.

Prinz Wöllstein - The praline under the cakes®!


Shop sweet things in peace!

Cake luxury for everyone! Beates signature creation lasts at least 2 weeks, but is guaranteed to be gone much faster ;-) 6 layers, finest ingredients, 3 sizes and guaranteed without additives, preservatives and artificial flavors - for discerning connoisseurs! On request with a greeting text or a cake picture. Packed in the high-quality wooden box. With shipping throughout Germany!

The great baking school for perfect cakes, pies & pastries!

"The big baking school" for at home!
Beates “awarded” baking book belongs on every bookshelf. All important basics, doughs, masses and creams, professional tips and 100 fantastic recipes are beautifully illustrated and reliably explained on over 150 color photos. With a dedication from Beate on request.


From our cake counter: Torten4You by Beate Wöllstein®

Prinz Wöllstein 6 Portionen
Prinz Wöllstein - das Konfekt!

      Torten4You - by Beate Wöllstein ® - Bring your favorite cake home!

Enter the world of “Torten4You by Beate Wöllstein®”. The finest creations from Beate's top patisserie, handcrafted, sophisticated compositions made from the highest quality ingredients and the finest chocolate ensure an unforgettable taste experience. Do you love international things like chocolate fudge, American cheesecakes and French raspberry tart? Do you get weak with fine coffee house classics such as Esterhâzy cake, Black Forest cake or German cheesecake? Or do you dream of a vegan bee sting cake and gluten-free macarons? Beate thought of you!
Pick up your cake from us in Schwabing or have it conveniently delivered to you at home by our “sweet speedster”! 

Beate Wöllstein Live


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