British Afternoon Tea

British Afternoon Tea
British Afternoon TeaBritish Afternoon Tea
British Afternoon Tea
British Afternoon Tea
British Afternoon Tea

In Great Britain, "afternoon tea" with its small tea pastries, scones with clotted cream & jam, sandwiches and a selection of different types of tea has been celebrated as a ritual since the beginning of the 19th century. 
Beate Wöllstein designed many afternoon tea pastries during her stay in London. In 2007 she won the coveted "Top London Tea Place Awards 2007" - "Top London Afternoon Tea" - the highest award in this category as part of the team at the London 5-star hotel "The Dorchester".
Celebrate the traditional "afternoon tea" with the professional pastry chef and make 3 typical small "tea pastries" as well as "scones" and 4 traditional kinds of "sandwiches" together. Feel like you're in an English tea house for an afternoon and enjoy "Afternoon Tea" together with your own creations, various types of tea and a glass of sparkling wine.

Learning content::

- Production of 3 typical small tea pastries like: "Battenberg" and "Victoria Sponge"

- Making a Battenberg biscuit dough

- Cutting, filling and covering with marzipan of the Battenberg cake

- Making various fillings and biscuits

- Making a scones dough with and without raisins

- Perfectly rolling, cutting and baking scones

- Make 4 different sandwiches with savory fillings

- Serving the "Afternoon Tea Stands" together

- Raw materials and product knowledge

- Story about the "British Afternoon Tea" and "High Tea" and its special tradition

- Joint celebration of a perfect "afternoon tea" with different types of tea and a glass of German sparkling wine

  And you can take what's left home with you for further tasting.


✪ No basic knowledge

279,00 €


Sunday, 02.10.2022
10:00-16:30 o'Clock