Basics I - Doughs & Masses Extended program!

Basics I - Doughs & Masses Extended program!
Basics I - Doughs & Masses Extended program!Basics I - Doughs & Masses Extended program!

Extended program!
No cake without a base, no cream roll without a biscuit roulade. Every cake and every tart is created by assembling individual parts. The so-called “basics” in confectionery. The quality and consistency depends on whether your cake is successful and tastes good.

Don't leave your cake to chance anymore. Immerse yourself in the classic preparation of "Viennese biscuit" and "vanilla biscuit roulade", "chocolate biscuit" and "chocolate biscuit roulade", "choux pastry" (cream puffs & choux pastry swans) and "shortcrust pastry" and learn everything about it Raw materials, oven temperature and production of the so important building blocks. A basic requirement for your future baking results.

Of course, you try out all designs and then exchange experiences and suggestions in a large group. To top it off, we will taste a deliciously filled choux pastry swan with fine cream Chantilly and an espresso!

Learning content:

  • Baking a Viennese biscuit
  • Baking a chocolate sponge cake
  • Baking a vanilla and chocolate roulade capsule
  • Making a choux pastry
  • Professional spraying of the incendiary mass with the right nozzle
  • Making and baking choux swans, profi teroles and choux pastry puffs
  • Making a perfect shortcrust pastry
  • Correct rolling out and blind baking of a shortcrust pastry
  • Raw materials and product knowledge
  • Checking and tasting the baking results together

Note: Some of the pastries like profi teroles and vanilla sponge cake roulade are made in our Afternoon course "Basics II" further processed.

Tip: The Saturday courses "Basics I + Basics II" take place on the same day and can therefore be booked as a combination course.

No basic knowledge

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Saturday, 10.09.2022
10:00-13:30 o'Clock
Saturday, 08.10.2022
10:00-13:30 o'Clock
Saturday, 05.11.2022
10:00-13:30 o'Clock
Saturday, 03.12.2022
10:00-13:30 o'Clock