Beate live

There are various ways to experience Beate live: during private coaching, at trade fairs, events, on the radio and TV and of course in one of her popular baking and dessert courses in Wöllstein'sDesserthaus in Munich Schwabing! Many baking fans travel a long way to learn their passion for sweet art from the top pâtissier personally "from the bottom up". Inestimable, profound knowledge that will accompany you throughout your baking life. If you need tips on staying overnight and parking, we are happy to help!

In order to shorten the time to your baking course, you can find a selection of Beate's TV appearances here. Dive into the sweet world of fine patisserie & confectionery and look forward to Beate's exclusive signature creations and exciting anecdotes with the “celebrity dessert” “Wöllstein'sSalt'n Chocolate”, “Wöllstein's strawberry dream”, Bavarian desserts à la Beate and much more. To get a little foretaste, just click on the clip. Film off and have fun on Wöllstein TV!

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