Beate Wöllstein

Beate Wöllstein

 "Sometimes I wonder how my professional career would have gone if my earliest childhood memories weren't shaped by the delicious smells that wafted from my mother and grandparents' kitchen."

Beate Wöllstein, born in Hanau / Hessen in 1965, asked herself the question: "Will I be a master confectioner or an architect?" Because from her ancestors she inherited both the passion and talent for sweet baking and the desire to build and construct. “In any case, I wanted to live out my creativity in my job and later start my own business.” The patisserie won the race, the reason for this is as simple as it is understandable: A top-class pastry chef not only creates sweet recipes, he also creates artful sweet ones Showpieces for which you have to have planning and statistical talent. Best of both worlds!
Beate Wöllstein completed her classic apprenticeship as a pastry chef in Starnberg and later successfully completed the master school in Heidelberg. With her goal of founding her own company firmly in mind, she immediately followed up with an apprenticeship as an industrial clerk and also finished with top marks.
In 1989, during her time as a confectioner, BeateWöllstein worked as a sweet architect for the first time and made a delicious version of the Munich Frauenkirche out of chocolate and confectionery. At that time, this craft was still in its infancy. “I had the vision of wanting to build something really big. I got the idea for the show piece at night while dancing in a club. ”This delicious masterpiece is widely recognized and is recognized as the“ most beautiful cake show piece ”at the“ Ball of 1,000 Cakes ”in Munich.
In 1999 BeateWöllstein moved into the big wide world of gourmets and caused a sensation in the most prestigious hotels in Italy and Dubai and in the best London hotels with her skills. Sheikhs and sultans, royal families, greats from politics and business, athletes, music and Hollywood stars spoil their sweet dishes. These are exciting and exhausting years that BeateWöllstein spends abroad, always striving for the perfect sweet moment.
Back in Munich, she likes to look back on this exciting time abroad: “At first I was really excited when it suddenly said that Queen Elisabeth's husband Prince Philip was coming to the banquet or that a Hollywood star made a special wish that I should implement. I fondly remember a few special occasions, such as an afternoon tea for Prince Charles at his polo tournament, or Sheikh Ahmed in Dubai, who ordered a 2 x 3 meter cake from me almost every week. A charity event by Elton John at the Dorchester Hotel in London was particularly exciting - many of my favorite stars such as Madonna and Sting were invited and they nibbled on my desserts and cakes. Thatmade and still makesmeveryproud. "
In 2007, the now internationally renowned patissière received worldwide attention with its "Gingerbread Display". It is a loving and detailed replica of London made from the finest gingerbread, measuring an impressive two square meters. This confirms once again that BeateWöllstein was not wrong with her assessment that a patissière also needs knowledge of architecture - on the contrary: in 2008 she caused a stir again when she presented the world-famous Napoleonic Fabergé egg from 1912 - a gift from Tsar Nicholas II to his mother - copied from 40 kg of the finest chocolate in culinary and visual perfection. A feast for the eyes and the palate par excellence.
And yet, Beate Wöllstein is drawn back home. As Executive Pastry Chef in Munich from 2009 to 2011, she made a decisive contribution to the confectionery and patisserie of the renowned FeinkostKäfer house. Their experience and creativity inspire and make this area of the traditional house a temple for fans of sweet desserts and cakes.
Beate Wöllstein has traveled, learned and taught, gained experience and used the world of patisserie for around 25 years. In 2012 the time has finally come, she fulfills her heart's desire and opens Germany's first baking and dessert school, Wöllstein's Dessert House! Since then, it has taught more than a thousand passionate hobby confectioners and professionals in a variety of courses everything they should know about making desserts and cakes in an excellent patisserie manner.

In 2016 she published her first book and landed a direct hit with her standard work “Die großeBackschule”, scooping up two significant prizes for it. Her debut is a baking encyclopedia, enriched with over 300 StepbyStep color photos, fantastic recipes and personal anecdotes from her exciting career.

Out of gratitude, BeateWöllstein is commemorating her father in 2017 with her signature creation “Prinz Wöllstein - the praline under the cakes! ®”. She sent more than 50 baking tests ahead of the final recipe until the recipe was perfected. The exclusive praline cake is constantly freshly produced and is available on site in Wöllstein's dessert house and in its own online shop.

In 2019, BeateWöllstein expanded her company to include her own brand “Torten 4 YoubyBeateWöllstein”, thereby fulfilling the wish of many guests to receive additional high-quality patisserie creations in excellent quality. In the virtual cake counter, customers can find all product information as well as transparent information about the ingredients. The cakes can be bought 24/7 and are then available for self-collection in the branch or for delivery.

In 2020, the corona crisis will also shake Wöllstein's dessert house. Live baking courses are initially not allowed to take place. In order to be able to send happiness and joy to people, BeateWöllstein invented Germany's "Mutmachtorte" for nationwide shipping.

It remains exciting: BeateWöllstein has other ideas in the forge and, as so often, the journey is the goal – Beate´s „sweet way of life“!